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Chaetoceros Ehrenberg, 1844

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Bacillariophyta
Subphylum Bacillariophytina
Class Mediophyceae
Subclass Chaetocerotophycidae
Order Chaetocerotales
Family Chaetocerotaceae

Lectotype species: Chaetoceros tetrachaeta Ehrenberg

Original publication:Ehrenberg, C.G. (1844). Einige vorläufige Resultate seiner Untersuchungen der ihm von der Südpolreise des Captain Ross, so wie von den Herren Schayer und Darwin zugekommenen Materialien über das Verhalten des kleinsten Lebens in den Oceanen und den grössten bisher zugänglichen Tiefen des Weltmeeres. Bericht über die zur Bekanntmachung Geeigneten Verhandlungen Der Königl. Preuss. Akademie Der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1844: 182-207.
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Type designated in Boyer, C.S. (1927). Synopsis of North American Diatomaceae. Part I - Coscinodiscatae, Rhizosolenatae, Biddulphiatae, Fragilariatae. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 78(Suppl.): 1-228.
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Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as masculine.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Hasle, G.R. & Syvertsen, E.E. (1996). Marine diatoms. In: Identifying Marine Phytoplankton. (Tomas, C.R. Eds), pp. 5-385. San Diego: Academic Press.

Nomenclatural notes
Two species were included in the original publication (p. 200): C. dichaeta and C. tetrachaeta, no type was designated. - (13 Jan 2007) - Wendy Guiry

Initially considered feminine (Ehrenberg 1844), then neuter and then masculine (Van Landingham 1968). The genus is treated as masculine here, as are all genera with the suffix "-ceros". In accordance with the Code, genera with the suffix "-ceras" are, however, treated as neuter. - (9 Sep 2012) - M.D. Guiry

Description: Generally colonial bipolar centric diatoms. Forms cylindrical cells with an oval or circular base that contain 1, 2 or more chloroplasts. The chloroplasts appear to be quadrangular in cingular view and elliptic or circular in valve view. The mantle is vertical and the cingulum is more or less developed. Processes, called setae, that are of varying thickness emerge from each apex. In the colonial species the terminal setae, those emerging from the last valve in the colony, are distinguished from intercalary setae, those of the internal valves that cross each other and/or fuse at some point, allowing the formation colonies of differing lengths. Specialised intercalary setae are found in some species (C. compressus , C. diversus , C. messanensis), which are different in size and shape from the other setae in the colony. An aperture that varies in size and shape and is delimited by the valve faces and the proximal part of the setae separates the cells of a colony. The valve surface generally has radial costae originating from a central hyaline\transparent annulus. The rimoportula, when present, is located centrally or subcentrally, usually with a short external tube. In the cingulum, the intercalary bands and the pleurae are of the open or segmented type. The setae have a variable ornamentation, often consisting of rows of spines or pores of different sizes.

Information contributed by: Modified from http://www.szn.it/botanica/database/chaetoceros_en.htm. The most recent alteration to this page was made on 6 Aug 2017 by M.D. Guiry.

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Chaetoceros abnormis A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros abnormis var. simplex (Proschkina-Lavrenko) Gogorev U 
Chaetoceros aculeatus I.V.Makarova C 
Chaetoceros adelianus Manguin C 
Chaetoceros adelianus Manguin C 
Chaetoceros adhaerens Mangin S 
Chaetoceros adriaticus B.Schussnig U 
Chaetoceros aduncus I.N.Sukhanova C 
Chaetoceros aequatorialis Cleve C 
Chaetoceros aequatorialis var. antarcticus Manguin C 
Chaetoceros aequatorialis var. antarcticus f. parallelisetus Manguin C 
Chaetoceros affinis Lauder C 
Chaetoceros affinis var. willei (Gran) Hustedt S 
Chaetoceros affinis var. schuttii Pr.-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros affinis f. parallelus M.Thorrington-Smith C 
Chaetoceros affinis f. pseudosymmetricus (E.Steemann Nielsen) M.Torrington-Smith P 
Chaetoceros affinis f. femur (F.Schütt) F.J.R.Taylor P 
Chaetoceros affinis f. inaequalis M.Thorrington-Smith C 
Chaetoceros affinis var. intermedius R.Subrahmanyan P 
Chaetoceros affinis var. circinalis (Meunier) Hustedt C 
Chaetoceros affinis subsp. ferox Takano C 
Chaetoceros amanita Cleve-Euler S 
Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow C 
Chaetoceros anastomosans var. externus (Gran) A.Cleve P 
Chaetoceros anglicus Grunow U 
Chaetoceros angularis Schütt C 
Chaetoceros angulatus F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros anostomosans var. speciosus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros apendiculatus F.C.Müller Melchers C 
Chaetoceros approximatus H.H.Gran & E.C.Angst P 
Chaetoceros armatus T.West S 
Chaetoceros astrabadicus A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros asymmetricus J. Fenner in Fenner & Mikkelsen P 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. skeleton (F.Schütt) Hustedt S 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. koreanus S.D.Lee & J.H.Lee C 
Chaetoceros atlanticus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. neapolitanus (Schroeder) Hustedt C 
Chaetoceros atlanticus f. bulbosus (Ehrenberg) Hargraves S 
Chaetoceros atlanticus f. audax (F.Schütt) H.H.Gran P 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. cruciatus (G.Karsten) M.Thorrington-Smith P 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. exiguus (Cleve) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. attenuatus Grunow P 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. compactus (F.Schütt) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. exiguus Cleve P 
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. tumescens Grunow C 
Chaetoceros atlantidae F.C.Müller Melchers P 
Chaetoceros audax F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros audax F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros aurivillii Cleve C 
Chaetoceros bacillaria Ehrenberg P 
Chaetoceros bacteriastrius G.C.Wallich C 
Chaetoceros bacteriastroides Karsten C 
Chaetoceros bacteriastroides f. imbricatus (L.A.Mangin) M.Thorrington-Smith C 
Chaetoceros bacteriastroides f. parvi-torosus M.Thorrington-Smith P 
Chaetoceros baculites A.F.Meunier P 
Chaetoceros balticus Cleve S 
Chaetoceros barbatus (Ehrenberg) T.Brightwell P 
Chaetoceros bermejensis Hernández-Becerril C 
Chaetoceros bermejensis D.U.Hernández-Becerril P 
Chaetoceros biconcavus Gran S 
Chaetoceros bicoronatus K.S.Mereschkowsky P 
Chaetoceros biharensis Pantocsek P 
Chaetoceros bisetaceus J.Schumann C 
Chaetoceros borealis Bailey C 
Chaetoceros borealis var. densus Cleve S 
Chaetoceros borealis f. solitarius Cleve P 
Chaetoceros borealis var. brightwellii Cleve P 
Chaetoceros borealis var. solitarius (Cleve) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros borealis var. brightwellii (Cleve) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros borealis H.S.Lauder U 
Chaetoceros borealis f. typicus T.Braarud P 
Chaetoceros borealis var. densus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros borealis var. rudis Cleve P 
Chaetoceros borealis var. solitarius Cleve S 
Chaetoceros borealis f. concavicornis (Mangin) Braaud S 
Chaetoceros borealoides Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros borgei Lemmermann C 
Chaetoceros bottnicus Cleve S 
Chaetoceros bottnicus var. didymus Mereschkowsky C 
Chaetoceros brevis F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros brevisetus Aksentjev C 
Chaetoceros brightwellii (Cleve) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros brussilowi A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros buceros Karsten C 
Chaetoceros bulbosus (Ehrenberg) Heiden C 
Chaetoceros bulbosus f. schimperianus (G.Karsten) Heiden S 
Chaetoceros bulbosus f. cruciatus (G.Karsten) H.Heiden C 
Chaetoceros bulbosus f. schimperianus (G.Karsten) H.Heiden C 
Chaetoceros bungei Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros calcitrans f. pumilus H.Takano C 
Chaetoceros calcitrans (Paulsen) H.Takano C 
Chaetoceros californicus Grunow C 
Chaetoceros calvus Cleve P 
Chaetoceros capensis Karsten C 
Chaetoceros capreolus (Ehrenberg) L.W.Bailey P 
Chaetoceros capricornianus F.J.R.Taylor C 
Chaetoceros caspicus Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros caspicus f. pinguichaetus A.Henckel & P.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros caspicus var. karianus A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros castracanei Karsten C 
Chaetoceros castracanei f. singularis G.R.Hasle P 
Chaetoceros cellulosus H.S.Lauder S 
Chaetoceros ceratospermus var. majus A.F.Meunier S 
Chaetoceros ceratospermus var. minus A.F.Meunier S 
Chaetoceros ceratosporus Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros ceratosporus var. brachysetus Rines & Hargraves C 
Chaetoceros ceratosporus var. major A.F.Meunier U 
Chaetoceros ceratosporus var. minor A.F.Meunier U 
Chaetoceros chilensis Krasske S 
Chaetoceros chinchae K.S.Mereschkowsky S 
Chaetoceros chunii G.H.H.Karsten C 
Chaetoceros ciliatus H.S.Lauder P 
Chaetoceros cinctus Gran C 
Chaetoceros cinctus var. hirtus Krasske C 
Chaetoceros circinalis (Meunier) K.G. Jensen & Moestrup P 
Chaetoceros clavigerus Ostenfeld S 
Chaetoceros clavigerus Grunow P 
Chaetoceros clevei F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros coarctatus Lauder C 
Chaetoceros cochleus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros coloradensis J.Li, Kociolek & Y.H.Gao C 
Chaetoceros commutatus Cleve P 
Chaetoceros compactus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros compactus J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros compressus Lauder C 
Chaetoceros compressus var. gracilis Hustedt C 
Chaetoceros compressus var. hirtisetus J.E.B.Rines & P.E.Hargraves S 
Chaetoceros compressus var. hirtisetus Rines & Hargraves C 
Chaetoceros concavicornis f. volans (Schütt) Hustedt P 
Chaetoceros concavicornis L.A.Mangin C 
Chaetoceros confertum F.C.Müller Melchers C 
Chaetoceros confervoides Ralfs C 
Chaetoceros confusus S.L.VanLandingham C 
Chaetoceros constrictus Gran C 
Chaetoceros constrictus var. ambiguus Proshkina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros contortus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros contortus var. ornatus Chamnansinp, Moestrup & Lundholm C 
Chaetoceros convexicornis Mangin S 
Chaetoceros convolutus Castracane C 
Chaetoceros convolutus f. trisetosus Brunel C 
Chaetoceros convolutus f. clavipes E.Paasche P 
Chaetoceros convolutus f. trisetosus J.F.Brunel P 
Chaetoceros convolutus f. volans L.I.Smirnova C 
Chaetoceros cornutus G.Leuduger-Fortmorel C 
Chaetoceros coronatus Gran C 
Chaetoceros costatus Pavillard C 
Chaetoceros crenatus (Ehrenberg) T.Brightwell P 
Chaetoceros crinitus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros criophilus f. volans (Schütt) Gran P 
Chaetoceros criophilus Castracane C 
Chaetoceros criophilus f. volans (F.Schütt) H.H.Gran S 
Chaetoceros criophilus f. volans (Schütt) Gran S 
Chaetoceros cruciatus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros crucifer H.H.Gran P 
Chaetoceros curiosus I.V.Makarova P 
Chaetoceros currens Cleve P 
Chaetoceros curvatus Castracane C 
Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros cylindrosporus I.V.Makarova P 
Chaetoceros dadayi Pavillard C 
Chaetoceros danicus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros dayaensis Y.Li & S.Zhu C 
Chaetoceros debilis Cleve C 
Chaetoceros decipiens Cleve C 
Chaetoceros decipiens var. grunowii (F.Schütt) Cleve S 
Chaetoceros decipiens f. singularis Gran C 
Chaetoceros decipiens f. barrowensis A.S.Bursa P 
Chaetoceros decipiens f. hiemalis H.H.Gran P 
Chaetoceros decipiens f. interruptus H.H.Gran P 
Chaetoceros decipiens f. princeps A.F.Meunier P 
Chaetoceros decipiens var. concretus Grunow P 
Chaetoceros decipiens var. willei (H.H.Gran) E.Morales P 
Chaetoceros decipiens f. divaricatus B.Schussnig U 
Chaetoceros deflandrei Manguin P 
Chaetoceros delicatulus Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros delicatulus f. cristatus A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros densus (Cleve) Cleve C 
Chaetoceros densus f. solitarius (Cleve) Pavillard U 
Chaetoceros dentatus O.S.Korotkevich P 
Chaetoceros denticulatus H.S.Lauder C 
Chaetoceros denticulatus f. angustus Hustedt ex Simonsen C 
Chaetoceros denticulatus f. latus Hustedt C 
Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) Gran C 
Chaetoceros dichaeta Ehrenberg C 
Chaetoceros dichaeta f. unicellularis H.Heiden C 
Chaetoceros dichaeta var. polygonus (F.Schütt) H.Heiden P 
Chaetoceros dichaeta f. latus L.A.Mangin P 
Chaetoceros dichaeta f. longus L.A.Mangin P 
Chaetoceros dichaeta f. tenuicornis L.A.Mangin S 
Chaetoceros dichaeta var. tenuicornis (Mangin) Gogorev C 
Chaetoceros dichatoensis Gaonkar, Montresor & Sarno C 
Chaetoceros dicladia F.S.Castracane degli Angelminelli P 
Chaetoceros didymus Ehrenberg C 
Chaetoceros didymus var. praelongus Lemmermann C 
Chaetoceros didymus var. protuberans (H.S.Lauder) Gran & K.Yendo S 
Chaetoceros didymus f. aestivus H.H.Gran C 
Chaetoceros didymus f. autumnalis Gran C 
Chaetoceros didymus var. longicruris (Cleve) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros didymus f. genuinus O.W.Paulsen P 
Chaetoceros didymus f. singularis H.Takano S 
Chaetoceros didymus var. aggregatus L.A.Mangin P 
Chaetoceros didymus var. heterosetoides R.Subrahmanyan P 
Chaetoceros didymus var. hiemalis Cleve P 
Chaetoceros didymus var. longicruris Cleve P 
Chaetoceros didymus var. anglicus (Grunow) Gran C 
Chaetoceros didymus f. adriaticus B.Schussnig U 
Chaetoceros difficilis Cleve C 
Chaetoceros diploneis Ehrenberg P 
Chaetoceros dipyrenops Meunier C 
Chaetoceros dispar Castracane S 
Chaetoceros distans var. subsecundus Grunow S 
Chaetoceros distans Cleve S 
Chaetoceros distans var. subsecundus Grunow P 
Chaetoceros distichum Schütt C 
Chaetoceros distichus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros distinguendus Lemmermann C 
Chaetoceros diversicurvatus Goor C 
Chaetoceros diversus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros diversus var. tenuis Cleve C 
Chaetoceros diversus var. mediterraneus Schröder C 
Chaetoceros dubius Pr.-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros eibenii Grunow C 
Chaetoceros elmorei Boyer C 
Chaetoceros elongatus Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros equatorialis Cleve P 
Chaetoceros exospermus Meunier C 
Chaetoceros externus Gran C 
Chaetoceros fallax Prosckina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros femur F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros femur var. parallelus Thorrington-Smith C 
Chaetoceros filiferus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros filiformis Meunier C 
Chaetoceros flexuosus Mangin C 
Chaetoceros forcipatus L.A.Mangin P 
Chaetoceros fragilis Meunier C 
Chaetoceros frickei Hustedt P 
Chaetoceros furca Cleve S 
Chaetoceros furca var. macroceras J.L.B.Schröder C 
Chaetoceros furcatus (G.Shadbolt) A.Mann P 
Chaetoceros furcatus Ehrenberg P 
Chaetoceros furcellatus Yendo C 
Chaetoceros furcillatus var. anglicus Grunow U 
Chaetoceros furcillatus var. mamillosus Grunow C 
Chaetoceros furcillatus Bailey C 
Chaetoceros fusus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros galvestonensis A.Collier & A.Murphy C 
Chaetoceros gastridius (Ehrenberg) T.Brightwell P 
Chaetoceros gaussii Heiden S 
Chaetoceros gelidus Chamnansinp, Li, Lundholm & Moestrup C 
Chaetoceros glacialis A.F.Meunier P 
Chaetoceros glacialis A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros glandazii Mangin S 
Chaetoceros gobii A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros gracilis F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros gracilis Apstein S 
Chaetoceros gracilis Pantocsek C 
Chaetoceros gracilis f. septentrionalis (Østrup) O.Paulsen S 
Chaetoceros granii Cleve P 
Chaetoceros groenlandicus Cleve S 
Chaetoceros groenlandicus var. leptopus Cleve P 
Chaetoceros grunowii F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros hamatus Hustedt P 
Chaetoceros hebes A.Mann P 
Chaetoceros hendeyi Manguin C 
Chaetoceros heterovalvatus Prosckina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros hiemalis Cleve S 
Chaetoceros hiemalis (Cleve) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros hirtisetus (Rines & Hargreaves) Chamnansinp, Moestrup & Lundholm C 
Chaetoceros hirundinellus S.Qian C 
Chaetoceros hispidus var. monicae Grunow C 
Chaetoceros hispidus (Ehrenberg) T.Brightwell P 
Chaetoceros hohnii Graebn.& Wujek C 
Chaetoceros holsaticus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros horridus Krasske P 
Chaetoceros hungaricus Pantocsek P 
Chaetoceros ikari Skvortzov C 
Chaetoceros imbricatus Mangin C 
Chaetoceros implicans Ehrenberg P 
Chaetoceros impressus K.G.Jensen & Moestrup S 
Chaetoceros incertus I.V.Makarova P 
Chaetoceros incisor Ralfs P 
Chaetoceros incurvus Bailey P 
Chaetoceros incurvus var. umbonatus Castracane C 
Chaetoceros incurvus var. angustus K.S.Mereschkowsky P 
Chaetoceros incurvus var. lyra K.S.Mereschkowsky P 
Chaetoceros indicus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros indicus R.Subrahmanyan C 
Chaetoceros ingolfianus Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros insignis Proschkina-Lavrenko U 
Chaetoceros insignis F.C.Müller Melchers P 
Chaetoceros intermedius A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros invisibilis R.M. Gogorev & I.V.Makarova in Gogorev & al. P 
Chaetoceros janischianus Castracane S 
Chaetoceros japonicus Ehrenberg P 
Chaetoceros javanicus Cleve S 
Chaetoceros jouseanus R. M. Gogorev C 
Chaetoceros juetlandicus J.Fenner C 
Chaetoceros karianus Grunow C 
Chaetoceros karyanus A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros kelleri J.-J.Brun P 
Chaetoceros knipowitschii Henckel C 
Chaetoceros komarovii Woronichin C 
Chaetoceros laciniosus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros laciniosus f. pelagicus H.H.Gran C 
Chaetoceros laciniosus f. protuberans M.Thorrington-Smith C 
Chaetoceros laevis Leuduger-Fortmorel C 
Chaetoceros lauderi Ralfs ex Lauder C 
Chaetoceros lawii Manguin P 
Chaetoceros leudugeri J.-J.Brun P 
Chaetoceros leve F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros limaniensis A.Ehrlich P 
Chaetoceros litoralis Lemmermann C 
Chaetoceros longicornis I.V.Makarova P 
Chaetoceros longisetus Cleve P 
Chaetoceros lorenzianus var. forceps A.F.Meunier P 
Chaetoceros lorenzianus f. litoralis (Lemmermann) Hustedt P 
Chaetoceros lorenzianus f. singularis H.Takano P 
Chaetoceros lorenzianus f. subsalinus A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros lorenzianus var. parvulus Grunow P 
Chaetoceros lorenzianus Grunow C 
Chaetoceros lorenzianus var. solitarius Prosckina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros lorenzii Grunow U 
Chaetoceros lyra K.S.Mereschkowsky P 
Chaetoceros makarovae R. M. Gogorev P 
Chaetoceros malayensis E.Steemann Nielsen P 
Chaetoceros malygini A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros manguinii J.Reyssac P 
Chaetoceros manguinii P.Gayral P 
Chaetoceros medius F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros medusa A.Mann P 
Chaetoceros melchersianus R.Margalef P 
Chaetoceros meridiana (F.Schütt) G.Karsten P 
Chaetoceros mertensii Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros messanensis Castracane C 
Chaetoceros minimus (Levander) D.Marino, G.Giuffre, M.Montresor & A.Zingone C 
Chaetoceros minutissimus Makarova & Proshkina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros mirabilis I.V.Makarova P 
Chaetoceros misumensis H.H.Gran & K.Yendo C 
Chaetoceros mitra (Bailey) Cleve C 
Chaetoceros monicae A.Grunow S 
Chaetoceros muelleri Lemmermann C 
Chaetoceros muelleri var. subsalsus (Lemmermann) J.R.Johansen & Rushforth C 
Chaetoceros najadianus B.Schussnig U 
Chaetoceros nansenii A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros natatus Manguin P 
Chaetoceros navicula (Ehrenberg) T.Brightwell P 
Chaetoceros neapolitanus Schroeder S 
Chaetoceros neglectus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros neobulbosus T.V.Desikachary, S.Gowthaman & Y.Latha P 
Chaetoceros neocompactus VanLandingham C 
Chaetoceros neogracilis S.L.VanLandingham C 
Chaetoceros neupokojewii A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros nipponicus J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros notabilis H.Lohmann P 
Chaetoceros odessanus Aksentjev C 
Chaetoceros odontella (Ehrenberg) G.Rabenhorst P 
Chaetoceros okamurae J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros okamurae var. tetrasetus J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros oppositisetaceus A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros orientale Schiller C 
Chaetoceros ostenfeldii Cleve P 
Chaetoceros pachtussowii A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros pachyceros R.Margalef P 
Chaetoceros pacificus J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros pacificus G.I.Sëmina P 
Chaetoceros paradoxus var. luedersii Engler C 
Chaetoceros paradoxus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros paradoxus var. eibenii (Grunow) Grunow S 
Chaetoceros paradoxus Peragallo S 
Chaetoceros parallelis B.P.Boden P 
Chaetoceros parvus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros paulsenii f. robustus A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros paulsenii Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros pavillardii J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros pelagicus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros pendulus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros perpusillus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros peruvianus Brightwell C 
Chaetoceros peruvianus var. currens Peragallo S 
Chaetoceros peruvianus f. robustus (Cleve) Ostenfeld P 
Chaetoceros peruvianus f. volans (F.Schütt) C.E.H.Ostenfeld S 
Chaetoceros peruvianus var. gracilis J.L.B.Schröder P 
Chaetoceros peruvianus var. suadivae Karsten C 
Chaetoceros peruvianus var. victoriae Karsten C 
Chaetoceros peruvianus var. robustus Cleve S 
Chaetoceros peruvianus var. ponticus K.S.Mereschkowsky P 
Chaetoceros peruvianus f. depressus A.K.M.N.Islam & A.Aziz C 
Chaetoceros peruvioatlanticus Karsten S 
Chaetoceros pethoei Pantocsek P 
Chaetoceros phuketensis J.E.B.Rines, P.Boonruang & E.C.Theriot C 
Chaetoceros pinguichaetus A.Henckel & P.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros pinguis A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros pinguis f. tenuis A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros plicatorugosus J.-J.Brun P 
Chaetoceros pliocenus J.-J.Brun C 
Chaetoceros polygonus F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros ponticus K.S.Mereschkowsky P 
Chaetoceros princeps (F.S.Castracane degli Antelminelli) A.Mann P 
Chaetoceros procerus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros processus I.V.Makarova P 
Chaetoceros proschkinae Gogorev C 
Chaetoceros protuberans Lauder C 
Chaetoceros protuberans var. nivalii H.A.Stosch P 
Chaetoceros pseudoaurivillii J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros pseudobrevis Pavillard C 
Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus var. tropicus Hustedt C 
Chaetoceros pseudocurvisetus Mangin C 
Chaetoceros pseudodichaetus J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros pseudosimilis A.Cleve C 
Chaetoceros pseudosymmetricus E.Steemann Nielsen S 
Chaetoceros pundulus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros quillensis L.W.Bailey U 
Chaetoceros radians F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros radicans F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros radiculus Castracane S 
Chaetoceros ralfsii Cleve S 
Chaetoceros ralfsii Schütt S 
Chaetoceros ramosus O.S.Korotkevich P 
Chaetoceros recurvatus Henckel C 
Chaetoceros recurvatus f. robustus A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros reicheltii Hustedt P 
Chaetoceros remotus Cleve & Grunow S 
Chaetoceros rigidus Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros robustus (Cleve) Ostenfeld P 
Chaetoceros robustus I.V.Makarova P 
Chaetoceros rogersii (Ehrenberg) G.Rabenhorst P 
Chaetoceros rostratus var. glandazii (Mangin) F.J.R.Taylor C 
Chaetoceros rostratus Ralfs C 
Chaetoceros rotosporus Li, Lundholm & Moestrup C 
Chaetoceros rude Leuduger-Fortmorel U 
Chaetoceros rudis (Cleve) Cleve P 
Chaetoceros rudis Cleve S 
Chaetoceros russanowii A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros salsugineus Takano C 
Chaetoceros salsugineus f. solitarius Takano C 
Chaetoceros salsugineus f. curtus Takano C 
Chaetoceros saltans Cleve C 
Chaetoceros scabrosus Prosckina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros sceleton V.Hensen P 
Chaetoceros schimperianus G.Karsten S 
Chaetoceros schmidtii C.E.H.Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros schuettii f. oceanicus H.H.Gran C 
Chaetoceros schuettii Cleve C 
Chaetoceros schuettii var. circinalis Meunier S 
Chaetoceros schuettii var. willei (H.H.Gran) A.F.Meunier P 
Chaetoceros schuttii Cleve S 
Chaetoceros scolopendra Cleve S 
Chaetoceros scriptus Frenguelli P 
Chaetoceros secundus Cleve C 
Chaetoceros seiracanthus Gran C 
Chaetoceros septentrionalis Østrup S 
Chaetoceros sessile Grøntved C 
Chaetoceros setoensis J.Ikari C 
Chaetoceros seychellarum Karsten C 
Chaetoceros seychellarum var. australis Manguin C 
Chaetoceros siamensis Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros sigmo-calamus J.A.Tempère & J.-J.Brun U 
Chaetoceros similis f. solitarius A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros similis Cleve C 
Chaetoceros similis var. solitarius Prosckina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros similoides Hustedt P 
Chaetoceros simplex var. major Forti & Issel C 
Chaetoceros simplex Ostenfeld C 
Chaetoceros simplex var. calcitrans Paulsen S 
Chaetoceros skeleton F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros sociale f. flabelliformis A.F.Meunier P 
Chaetoceros socialis f. solitarius A.F.Meunier S 
Chaetoceros socialis var. congesta A.F.Meunier S 
Chaetoceros socialis var. flabelliformis A.F.Meunier S 
Chaetoceros socialis var. solitarius A.F.Meunier S 
Chaetoceros socialis f. autumnalis A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko S 
Chaetoceros socialis f. major L.A.Mangin P 
Chaetoceros socialis f. minor L.A.Mangin P 
Chaetoceros socialis f. radians (F.Schütt) A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko S 
Chaetoceros socialis f. vernalis A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko S 
Chaetoceros socialis H.S.Lauder C 
Chaetoceros socialis var. autumnalis Prosckina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros socialis var. radians (Schutt) P.M.Tsarenko S 
Chaetoceros socialis var. vernalis Prosckina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros solitarius (Cleve) Cleve S 
Chaetoceros spinosus G.Leuduger-Fortmorel P 
Chaetoceros spirillum (Castracane) De Toni S 
Chaetoceros sporotruncatus Gaonkar, Kooistra & Lange C 
Chaetoceros ssedowii A.Henckel C 
Chaetoceros strictus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros subcompressus J.L.B.Schröder C 
Chaetoceros subcoronatus Krasske P 
Chaetoceros subsalsus Lemmermann S 
Chaetoceros subsecundus (Grunow ex Van Heurck) Hustedt C 
Chaetoceros subtilis Cleve C 
Chaetoceros subtilis var. abnormis Prosckina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros subtilis f. simplex Proshkina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros subtortilis Proshkina-Lavrenko C 
Chaetoceros sumatranus Karsten C 
Chaetoceros surirella Frenguelli P 
Chaetoceros tenellus Ehrenberg P 
Chaetoceros tenuissimus Meunier C 
Chaetoceros teres Cleve C 
Chaetoceros teres f. spinulosus H.H.Gran C 
Chaetoceros tetrachaeta Ehrenberg C - type
Chaetoceros tetracheta Ehrenberg P 
Chaetoceros tetras G.H.H.Karsten C 
Chaetoceros tetrastichon Cleve C 
Chaetoceros thienemannii Hustedt C 
Chaetoceros throndsenii (Marino, Montresor, & Zingone) Marino, Montresor & Zingone C 
Chaetoceros throndsenii var. throndsenia D.Marino, M.Montresor & A.Zingone C 
Chaetoceros throndsenii var. trisetosus Zingone C 
Chaetoceros throndsenii var. throndssenia D.Marino, M.Montresor & A.Zingone P 
Chaetoceros tiltilensis Frenguelli P 
Chaetoceros titicacaensis Frenguelli P 
Chaetoceros tortilisetus L.A.Mangin P 
Chaetoceros tortissimus Gran C 
Chaetoceros transisetus J.R.Johansen & J.S.Boyer, Jr. C 
Chaetoceros turbineus Makarova & A.I.Proshkina-Lavrenko P 
Chaetoceros uruguayensis F.C.Müller Melchers P 
Chaetoceros vanheurckii Gran C 
Chaetoceros vermiculatus F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros vermiculus F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros villosus Kützing C 
Chaetoceros vistulae Apstein C 
Chaetoceros vixvisibilis Schiller C 
Chaetoceros volans F.Schütt C 
Chaetoceros weissflogii F.Schütt S 
Chaetoceros wighamii Brightwell C 
Chaetoceros wighamii f. csilis B.Schussnig U 
Chaetoceros wighamoides B.J.Cholnoky P 
Chaetoceros willei Gran C 
Chaetoceros xishaensis Y.C.Kuo, J.Ye & H.Zhou C 
Chaetoceros zachariasi var. longus H.L.Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros zachariasii var. latus H.L.Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros zachariasii var. variatus H.L.Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros zachariasii Honigmann C 
Chaetoceros ziwolkii A.Henckel C 

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