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Diploneis Ehrenberg ex Cleve, 1894

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Bacillariophyta
Subphylum Bacillariophytina
Class Bacillariophyceae
Subclass Bacillariophycidae
Order Naviculales
Suborder Diploneidineae
Family Diploneidaceae

Lectotype species: Diploneis didyma (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg

Original publication:Cleve, P.T. (1894). Synopsis of the naviculoid diatoms. Part I. Kongliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens Handlingar, series 4 26(2): 1-194, 5 pl.
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Type designated in Boyer, C.S. (1927). Synopsis of North American diatomaceae, Supplement, Part 2.- Naviculatae, Surirellatae. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 79: 229-583.
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Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Kociolek, J.P. & Spaulding, S.A. (2003). Symmetrical Naviculoid Diatoms. In: Freshwater Algae of North America, Ecology and Classification. (Wehr, J.D. & Sheath, R.G. Eds), pp. 637-654. San Diego: Academic Press.

Nomenclatural notes
Lectotype designated by Cleve (1927: 345). - (27 Jan 2017) - M.D. Guiry

Comments: Round, Crawford & Mann (1990: 128) record this family as being a member of the Suborder Diploneidineae. Scott & Thomas (2005: 171) record this genus as being a member of the Family Bacillariaceae.

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Names: ('C' indicates a name that is accepted taxonomically; 'S' a homotypic or heterotypic synonym; 'U' indicates a name of uncertain taxonomic status, but which has been subjected to some verification nomenclaturally; 'P' indicates a preliminary AlgaeBase entry that has not been subjected to any kind of verification. For more information on a species click on it to activate a link to the Species database):

Diploneis abscondita H.Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis adeliae Manguin P 
Diploneis adiaphana H.-J.Schrader P 
Diploneis adonis (J.Brun) Cleve C 
Diploneis advena (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis aequorea H.Heiden P 
Diploneis aestiva (Donkin) Cleve C 
Diploneis aestuari Hustedt C 
Diploneis aetiopum Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis africana H.Heiden P 
Diploneis alpina Meister C 
Diploneis altana Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis amicula Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis andama Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis andina Frenguelli P 
Diploneis antinitescens (M.Peragallo) F.W.Mills S 
Diploneis antiqua A.Cleve C 
Diploneis aokiensis M.Idei C 
Diploneis apis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg C 
Diploneis arctica Cleve C 
Diploneis areolata Cleve P 
Diploneis argentina (Frenguelli) Frenguelli C 
Diploneis atmosphaerica (Ehrenberg) R.Jahn & Kusber C 
Diploneis baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer C 
Diploneis baicaloculata Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis baicaloparma Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis baicalpetersenii Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis balcanica N.G.Ognjanova-Rumenova & K.Buczkó C 
Diploneis beyrichiana (A.W.F.Schmidt) Amossé C 
Diploneis binaria (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis biremiformis S.J.M.Droop C 
Diploneis biseriata Cleve P 
Diploneis boldtiana Cleve C 
Diploneis bombiformis Cleve S 
Diploneis bomboides (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve S 
Diploneis bombus (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg C 
Diploneis borealis (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis budayana (Pantocsek) A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis burgitensis Prudent C 
Diploneis buriatica Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis caffra (M.H.Giffen) Witkowski, Lange-Bertalot & Metzeltin C 
Diploneis calcilacustris Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis campylodiscus (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis carpathorum (Pantocsek) Pantocsek P 
Diploneis cerebrum Pennesi, Caputo & Lobban C 
Diploneis chersonensis (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis chilensis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot P 
Diploneis chinensis Cleve C 
Diploneis circumnodosa (J.-J.Brun) Cleve P 
Diploneis claustra Lobban & Pennesi C 
Diploneis clepsydra Cleve P 
Diploneis clevei Fontell S 
Diploneis coarctata (Schmidt) Cleve U 
Diploneis coffaeiformis (Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis colae S.J.M.Droop C 
Diploneis compar (C.Janisch) Cleve P 
Diploneis confecta (A.Schmidt) F.W.Mills P 
Diploneis congrua (C.Janisch) Cleve P 
Diploneis conopeata Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis conops Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis constantinii Skabichevsky [Skabichevskii] C 
Diploneis constricta Cleve C 
Diploneis crabro (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg C 
Diploneis crassa Missuna S 
Diploneis crassibiseriata Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis craticula Pennesi, Caputo & Lobban C 
Diploneis crispa Pennesi, Caputo & Lobban C 
Diploneis curiosa Metzeltin, Lange-Bertalot & Nergui C 
Diploneis cynthia (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis dalmatica (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis debyi (Pantocsek) Cleve C 
Diploneis decipiens Cleve-Euler C 
Diploneis demta (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis densestriata (A.Schmidt) C.S.Boyer P 
Diploneis didelta Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis didyma (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg C - type
Diploneis dilatata (M.Peragallo) H.Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis dimorpha Hustedt P 
Diploneis diplosticta (Grunow) Hustedt C 
Diploneis discrepans (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis distortum W.Smith C 
Diploneis disturbata A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis divergens (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis domblittensis (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis droopii Witkowski, Belegratis & Economu-Amillii C 
Diploneis duplopunctata C.W.Fontell P 
Diploneis elesdiana (Pantocsek) A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis elfvingiana C.W.Fontell P 
Diploneis elliptica (Kützing) Cleve C 
Diploneis ellipticolinearis Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis entomon (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg C 
Diploneis eudoxia (A.Schmidt) Jørgensen C 
Diploneis eugenia (A.W.F.Schmidt) Boyer C 
Diploneis excentrica C.S.Boyer P 
Diploneis exemta (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis eximia Metzeltin, Lange-Bertalot & Nergui P 
Diploneis expleta (A.Schmidt) Boyer P 
Diploneis faba Ehrenberg C 
Diploneis fenestrata J.C.Taylor & B.Karthick C 
Diploneis finnica (Ehrenberg) Cleve C 
Diploneis finnica var. clevei (C.W.Fontell) Hustedt U 
Diploneis finnicoburyatica Lange-Bertalot & Kulikovskiy C 
Diploneis fontanella Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis fontium Reichardt & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis formica H.Okuno C 
Diploneis frickei (H.F.Van Heurck) H.Heiden P 
Diploneis fusca (W.Gregory) Cleve C 
Diploneis fusca var. pervasta (Pantocsek) Hustedt C 
Diploneis ganga Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis gemmata (Greville) Cleve C 
Diploneis gemmatula (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis glacialis Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis goohon Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis gorjanovicii (Pantocsek) Hustedt C 
Diploneis gracilis Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis graeffii (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis gravelleana R.Hagelstein P 
Diploneis gruendleri (A.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis guinardiana (Brun) Cleve C 
Diploneis hannae Frenguelli C 
Diploneis haploa H.-J.Schrader P 
Diploneis heemskerkiana (Brockmann) S.J.M.Droop C 
Diploneis heisingeriae A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis heteromorphiforma Metzeltin, Lange-Bertalot & Nergui P 
Diploneis hilarula (Pantocsek) F.W.Mills C 
Diploneis hinziae Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis hoevsgoelensis E.Jovanovska, Z.Levkov & M.B.Edlund C 
Diploneis hormopunctata M.H.Hohn & J.Hellerman U 
Diploneis hospes (A.W.F.Schmidt) Z.Cheng & Y.Gao S 
Diploneis hudsonis (Grunow) Cleve S 
Diploneis hustedti F.Meister P 
Diploneis hyalina (Donkin) Cleve C 
Diploneis hyperborea (Grunow) Cleve P 
Diploneis ideii Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis imperialis Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis inaequalis Østrup P 
Diploneis incurvata (Gregory) Cleve C 
Diploneis infernalis Lange-Bertalot & Krammer C 
Diploneis inscripta Cleve C 
Diploneis insolitus M.H.Hohn & J.Hellerman C 
Diploneis interrupta (Kützing) Cleve C 
Diploneis jasnitskii Skabichevsky [Skabichevskii] C 
Diploneis kahlii Lange-Bertalot & U.Rumrich C 
Diploneis kawabatae Gerd Moser C 
Diploneis konstantini A.P.Skabichevskij P 
Diploneis krammeri Lange-Bertalot & E.Reichardt C 
Diploneis kuetzingii (Grunow) Cleve U 
Diploneis laciniosa (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis lacrimans (Schmidt in Schmidt & al.)Hustedt P 
Diploneis lacus-lemani J.Brun S 
Diploneis ladogensis (Cleve) Lange-Bertalot & Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis lata Skvortzov S 
Diploneis late-elliptica Skabichevsky [Skabichevskii] C 
Diploneis latefurcata (C.W.Fontell) A.Cleve C 
Diploneis lesinensis Grunow P 
Diploneis letourneuri Cleve P 
Diploneis levicostata Jousé C 
Diploneis lijiangensis Huang C 
Diploneis linearielliptica Metzeltin, Lange-Bertalot & Nergui C 
Diploneis linearifera M.Idei C 
Diploneis linearis Otto Müller S 
Diploneis lineata (Donkin) Cleve C 
Diploneis littoralis (Donkin) Cleve C 
Diploneis lusatica H.Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis maeandra A.Cleve P 
Diploneis major Cleve C 
Diploneis manguinii P.Fusey P 
Diploneis marginestriata Hustedt C 
Diploneis mauleri (Brun) Cleve C 
Diploneis maulerii (Brun) Cleve P 
Diploneis mediterranea (Grunow) Cleve C 
Diploneis mesolia Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis metzeltinii Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis meyeri Skabichevsky [Skabichevskii] C 
Diploneis meyeri Skvortzov S 
Diploneis microtatos (Pantocsek) Cleve P 
Diploneis minima Hustedt P 
Diploneis minuta J.B.Petersen C 
Diploneis mirabilis Cleve P 
Diploneis mirabilis D.König P 
Diploneis modica Hustedt C 
Diploneis modicahassiaca H.Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis modicella B.J.Cholnoky P 
Diploneis mongolica Metzeltin, Lange-Bertalot & Nergui C 
Diploneis mullerthalensis Monnier & Ector C 
Diploneis munda (C.Janisch) Cleve P 
Diploneis munge Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis muscaeformis (Grunow) Cleve P 
Diploneis nanofontanella H.Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis nanometzeltinii Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis natalensis B.J.Cholnoky P 
Diploneis nitescens (W.Gregory) Cleve C 
Diploneis nitidula J.-J.Brun P 
Diploneis nonelliptica Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis notabilis (Greville) Cleve C 
Diploneis notata Østrup P 
Diploneis novaeseelandiae (A.Schmidt) Hustedt C 
Diploneis oamaruensis (Cleve) Mills P 
Diploneis obliqua (Brun) Hustedt C 
Diploneis oblongella (Nägeli ex Kützing) Cleve-Euler C 
Diploneis oblongellopsis Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis obtusa Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis ocellata Cleve C 
Diploneis oculata (Brébisson) Cleve C 
Diploneis oestrupii Hustedt C 
Diploneis okhapkinii Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis omearae (Grunow) Grunow P 
Diploneis ordines Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis ornata (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis ostracodarum (Pantocsek) A.Jurilj C 
Diploneis ostrobottnica A.Cleve P 
Diploneis ovalis (Hilse) Cleve C 
Diploneis pantocsekii A.Cleve C 
Diploneis papula (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis parabudayana E.Jovanovska, T.Nakov & Z.Levkov C 
Diploneis parahinziae Lange-Bertalot, Fuhrmann & Ringel C 
Diploneis paramarginestriata Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis paraparma E.Jovanovska, Z.Levkov & M.B.Edlund) C 
Diploneis parauschkaniensis Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis parca (A.W.F.Schmidt) Boyer C 
Diploneis parma Cleve C 
Diploneis patagonica Otto Müller S 
Diploneis pearsalli M.M.Salah P 
Diploneis pelagi (A.Schmidt) C.S.Boyer P 
Diploneis perforata A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis petersenii Hustedt C 
Diploneis pfitzeriana (O'Meara) R.Ross P 
Diploneis placentula Brébisson P 
Diploneis placida (A.W.F.Schmidt) Hustedt C 
Diploneis platessa Cleve & E.Grove P 
Diploneis pneumatica S.J.M.Droop C 
Diploneis poretzkyi E.A.Cheremisinova P 
Diploneis poroidea A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis praeclara (Pantocsek) A.Cleve P 
Diploneis praesejuncta S.J.M.Droop C 
Diploneis praestes (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis praetermissa Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis prisca (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis prisca A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis proserpinae Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis pseudaokiensis Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis pseudobombiformis Hustedt C 
Diploneis pseudomeyeri Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis pseudopetersenii B.J.Cholnoky P 
Diploneis pseudovalis Hustedt C 
Diploneis puella (Schumann) Cleve C 
Diploneis puellafallax H.Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis puelloides P.Fusey P 
Diploneis pulcherrima Hustedt P 
Diploneis pulchra E.Jovanovska, T.Nakov & Z.Levkov C 
Diploneis pullus Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis quasispinulosa Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis recta (J.-J.Brun & Héribaud-Joseph) C.S.Boyer P 
Diploneis reichardtii (Grunow) Heiden S 
Diploneis reticulata A.Jurilj P 
Diploneis rex S.J.M.Droop C 
Diploneis rhombica Skabichevsky [Skabichevskii] C 
Diploneis rhombus Ehrenberg P 
Diploneis rimosa Pennesi & Caputo C 
Diploneis robusta (Cleve-Euler) Cleve-Euler C 
Diploneis robustus R.Subrahmanyan P 
Diploneis rostrata E.J.F.Wood P 
Diploneis rotunda E.Jovanovska, T.Nakov & Z.Levkov C 
Diploneis rouxioides H.-J.Schrader P 
Diploneis rupestris Skvortzow [Skvortzov] C 
Diploneis schmidtii Cleve C 
Diploneis sejuncta (A.W.F.Schmidt) E.Jørgensen C 
Diploneis separanda Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis serratula (Grunow) Hustedt C 
Diploneis sharbin Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis skvortzovii Skabichevsky [Skabichevskii] C 
Diploneis skvortzowii Skabichevskij C 
Diploneis smithii (Brébisson) Cleve C 
Diploneis solea S.J.M.Droop C 
Diploneis soninkhishigiae E.Jovanovska, Z.Levkov & M.B.Edlund C 
Diploneis sooi M.Hajós C 
Diploneis spectabilis Metzeltin, Lange-Bertalot & Nergui P 
Diploneis spiralis Kutzing P 
Diploneis splendida Cleve C 
Diploneis stagnarum P.Prudent P 
Diploneis stauroneiformis N.I.Hendey P 
Diploneis stephen-droopii Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis stigmosa Heiden & Kolbe C 
Diploneis stoermeri E.Jovanovska, Z.Levkov & M.B.Edlund C 
Diploneis stroemii Hustedt C 
Diploneis subadvena Hustedt C 
Diploneis subbaicalensis Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis subcincta (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis subconstricta (A.Cleve) Cleve-Euler C 
Diploneis submeyeri Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis subnuda (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis suborbicularis (W.Gregory) Cleve C 
Diploneis subovalis Cleve C 
Diploneis subsmithii H.P.Gandhi C 
Diploneis suezii M.M.Salah & G.Tamás P 
Diploneis suspecta (A.Schmidt) N.I.Hendey P 
Diploneis szontaghii (Pantocsek) Cleve P 
Diploneis taiga Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis taschenbergeri (A.W.F.Schmidt) Hustedt C 
Diploneis tavcarii A.Jurilj C 
Diploneis tenuibipunctata Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis tirolensis Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis toli Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis totarae H.-J.Schrader P 
Diploneis transylvanica Jovanovsk, Buczkó, Nakov & Levkov C 
Diploneis tugelae B.J.Cholnoky P 
Diploneis tundra H.Lange-Bertalot & A.Fuhrmann C 
Diploneis turgida Skvortzov C 
Diploneis uschkaniensis Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis vacilans (A.Schmidt) Cleve P 
Diploneis vacillans (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis vagabunda (J.-J.Brun) Cleve P 
Diploneis vandermerwei B.J.Cholnoky S 
Diploneis vespa Cleve P 
Diploneis vetula (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis vetusa Jovanovska, Nakov & Levkov P 
Diploneis vetusta E.Jovanovska, T.Nakov & Z.Levkov C 
Diploneis voigtii Manguin P 
Diploneis volsella J.R.Carter & P.Denny P 
Diploneis weissflogii (A.W.F.Schmidt) Cleve C 
Diploneis weissflogiopsis Lobban & Pennesi C 
Diploneis weretschanginii Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 
Diploneis wolffii Foged P 
Diploneis yamanakaensis M.Idei C 
Diploneis yatukaensis Horikawa & H.Okuno P 
Diploneis zannii Frenguelli P 
Diploneis zanzibarica (Grunow) Hustedt C 
Diploneis zula Kuliskovskiy & Lange-Bertalot C 

Hustedt, F. (1930). Bacillariophyta (Diatomeae) Zweite Auflage. In: Die Süsswasser-Flora Mitteleuropas. Heft 10. (Pascher, A. Eds), pp. [i]-vii, [1]-466. Jena: Verlag von Gustav Fischer.

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