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Lithophyllum Philippi, 1837

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Corallinophycidae
Order Corallinales
Family Corallinaceae
Subfamily Lithophylloideae
Tribe Lithophylleae

Lectotype species: Lithophyllum incrustans Philippi

Original publication:Philippi, R.A. (1837). Beweis, dass die Nulliporen Pflanzen sind. Archiv für Naturgeschichte 3: 387-393, figs 2-6, pl. IX.

Type designated in Foslie, M. (1898). Systematical survey of the Lithothamnia. Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskabs Skrifter 1898(2): 1-7.
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Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Woelkerling, W.J. (1988). The Coralline Red Algae: an analysis of the genera and subfamilies of nongeniculate Corallinaceae. pp. i-xi, 1-268, 259 figs, tables numbered by chapter. London & Oxford: British Museum (Natural History) & Oxford University Press.

Taxonomic notes
According to Campbell & Woelkerling (1990), Titanoderma is a heterotypic synonym of Lithophyllum - (13 Mar 2009) - Wendy Guiry

Description: Thalli comprising dorsiventral, attached crusts sometimes beset with protuberances, or unattached subglobose masses. Crustose parts consisting of first-order filaments (primigenous filaments) only (monomerous) or both first- and second-order filaments (dimerous), the latter (postigenous filaments) at about right angles to the former. First-order filaments either arranged in decumbent, arching tiers of cells (coaxial anatomy) or curving upward toward the thallus surface (plumose anatomy). Cells in first-order filaments rarely stratified and elongated (palisade cells). Outermost walls of epithallial cells rounded or flattened, not flared. Cells in contiguous filaments often joined by secondary pit-connections; cell fusions absent. Trichocytes present or absent, but if present occurring singly.
Reproductive cells forming within uniporate conceptacles. Tetrasporangial and bisporangial conceptacles sometimes containing columellas. Apical sporangial plugs absent. Gametangia poorly known.

Information contributed by: H.W. Johansen & M.D. Guiry. The most recent alteration to this page was made on 20 Jan 2017 by M.D. Guiry.

Comments: Bispores produced instead of tetraspores in some species, e.g., in L. incrustans in the British Isles where the incidence of bispore production increases from south to north and the proportion of sexual plants decreases. Dominating rocky surfaces below 25 m off S. California.

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Numbers of names and species: There are 388 species (and infraspecific) names in the database at present, of which 124 have been flagged as currently accepted taxonomically.

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Lithophyllum absimile Foslie & M.Howe S 
Lithophyllum acanthinum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum accedens Foslie C 
Lithophyllum acrocamptum Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum adplicitum (Foslie) L.Newton S 
Lithophyllum aequabile (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum aequabile f. wadelica Foslie S 
Lithophyllum aequinoctiale Foslie S 
Lithophyllum aequum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum affine (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum africanum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum africanum f. intermedium Foslie C 
Lithophyllum africanum f. truncatum Foslie U 
Lithophyllum agariciformis (Pallas) Falkenberg S 
Lithophyllum albanense Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum almanense Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum alternans Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum amplexifrons (Harvey) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum amplostratum W.R.Taylor C 
Lithophyllum andrussowii Foslie U 
Lithophyllum aninae Foslie C 
Lithophyllum antarcticum (J.D.Hooker & Harvey) Rosanoff S 
Lithophyllum antillarum Foslie & M.Howe S 
Lithophyllum applicatum Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum arcticum Kjellman S 
Lithophyllum atalayense Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum atlanticum T.Vieira-Pinto, M.C.Oliveira & P.A.Horta C 
Lithophyllum australe (Foslie) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum azorum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum bahrijense Bosence C 
Lithophyllum bamleri (Heydrich) Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum bathyporum Athanasiadis & D.L.Ballantine C 
Lithophyllum belgicum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum bermudense Foslie & M.Howe S 
Lithophyllum bipartitum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum brachiatum (Heydrich) Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum byssoides (Lamarck) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum byssoides f. ramosissimum (Heydrich) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum cabiochiae (Boudouresque & Verlaque) Athanasiadis C 
Lithophyllum calcareum f. attenuatum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum calcareum f. eunanum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum calcareum (Pallas) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum californiense Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum canariense Foslie C 
Lithophyllum canescens (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum capense Rosanoff S 
Lithophyllum capitulatum Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum caribaeum f. boreale Masaki C 
Lithophyllum caribaeum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum carpathicum Me.Lemoine U 
Lithophyllum carpophylli (Heydrich) Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum cephaloides f. crassa Heydrich ex Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum chalonii Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum chamaedoris Foslie & M.Howe S 
Lithophyllum chamberlainianum Woelkerling & S.J.Campbell C 
Lithophyllum claudescens Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum coarctatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum coarctatum f. sandvincensis Foslie U 
Lithophyllum coibense Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum complexum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum congestum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum consociatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum consociatum f. connata Foslie S 
Lithophyllum conspectum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum continuum Me.Lemoine U 
Lithophyllum corallinae (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum craspedium Foslie S 
Lithophyllum craspedium f. abbreviatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum craspedium f. subtile Foslie U 
Lithophyllum crassum f. conglutinatum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum crassum (Philippi) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum crassum Rosanoff C 
Lithophyllum crispatum (Hauck) Hauck S 
Lithophyllum cristatum Meneghini S 
Lithophyllum cristatum f. ramosissimum Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum crodelioides Boudouresque S 
Lithophyllum crouaniorum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum cuneatum Keats C 
Lithophyllum cystosirae (Hauck) Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum daedaleum Foslie & M.Howe S 
Lithophyllum daedaleum var. pseudodentatum Foslie & M.Howe C 
Lithophyllum darwinii (Harvey) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum decipiens f. subantarcticum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum decipiens f. caribaeum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum decipiens (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum decussatum (J.Ellis & Solander) Philippi C 
Lithophyllum decussatum f. planiuscula Foslie U 
Lithophyllum decussatum f. decumbens Foslie U 
Lithophyllum decussatum f. insignis Foslie U 
Lithophyllum densum Lemoine U 
Lithophyllum dentatum (Kützing) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum dentatum f. aemulans Foslie U 
Lithophyllum dentatum f. sandvicensis Foslie S 
Lithophyllum dentatum f. dilitatum (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum dentatum f. echinii Chalon U 
Lithophyllum dentatum f. macallanum Foslie U 
Lithophyllum dentatum f. gyrosum (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum depressum Villas-Boas, Figueiredo & Riosmena-Rodriguez C 
Lithophyllum detrusum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum diguetii (Hariot) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum discoideum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum discoideum f. aequabile Foslie S 
Lithophyllum discoideum f. compactum Foslie U 
Lithophyllum dispar (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum divaricatum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum dubium Me.Lemoine U 
Lithophyllum dublancqui Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum duckerae Woelkerling S 
Lithophyllum elegans (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum elegans f. complanatum (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum erosum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum esperi (Me.Lemoine) South & Tittley C 
Lithophyllum expansum Philippi S 
Lithophyllum expansum f. agariciforme Hauck S 
Lithophyllum expansum f. stictaeforme (Areschoug) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum expansum f. genuinum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum expansum f. repens (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum expansum f. foliaceum (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum expansum f. exiguum (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum explanatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum falkandicum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum farlowii Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum farlowii Foslie S 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum (Lamarck) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. eunanum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. compressum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. subtile (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. divaricatum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. divergens Foslie C 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. gyrosum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. dilitatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum fasciculatum f. incrassatum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum fernandezianum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum fetum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum flavescens Keats C 
Lithophyllum fosliei (Heydrich) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum frondosum (Dufour) G.Furnari, Cormaci & Alongi S 
Lithophyllum frondosum f. expansum Babbini & Bressan U 
Lithophyllum frondosum f. cabiochiae (Boudouresque & M.Verlaque) Babbini & Bressan S 
Lithophyllum frutescens (Foslie) M.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum frutescens f. galapagense (Foslie) W.R.Taylor C 
Lithophyllum frutescens var. congestum (Foslie) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum fuegianum Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum fulangasum J.H.Johnson & B.J.Ferris C 
Lithophyllum funduense Pilger S 
Lithophyllum ganeopsis W.H.Adey, R.A.Townsend & Boykins C 
Lithophyllum gardineri Foslie S 
Lithophyllum gardineri f. obpyramidatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum gardineri f. subhemisphaericum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum geometricum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum giraudyi Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum glangeaudii Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum gracile Foslie C 
Lithophyllum grandiusculum (Montagne) Woelkerling, Penrose & Y.M.Chamberlain S 
Lithophyllum grumosum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum hancockii E.Y.Dawson C 
Lithophyllum hapalidioides (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Hariot S 
Lithophyllum hapalidioides f. confinis (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum hapalidioides var. confinis (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum hauckii (Rothpletz) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum hermaphroditum (Heydrich) Woelkerling C 
Lithophyllum hibernicum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum hirtum Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum hyperellum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum hyperellum f. fastigiata Foslie S 
Lithophyllum hyperellum f. heteroidea Foslie S 
Lithophyllum illitus Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum imitans Foslie C 
Lithophyllum impar Foslie S 
Lithophyllum impressum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum incrassatum (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum incrustans Philippi C - type
Lithophyllum incrustans f. flabellata Heydrich U 
Lithophyllum incrustans f. depressum (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum incrustans var. harveyi (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum incrustans var. subdichotomum Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum incrustans f. dentata (Kützing) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum incrustans f. incrassatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum incrustans f. angulatum Foslie U 
Lithophyllum incrustans f. fasciculatum (Lamarck) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum inops Foslie S 
Lithophyllum insidiosum Solms-Laubach S 
Lithophyllum insipidum W.H.Adey, R.A.Townsend & Boykins C 
Lithophyllum intermedium Foslie C 
Lithophyllum ippolitoi P.Fravega, M.Piazza & G.Vannucci C 
Lithophyllum irregulare (Foslie) P.Huvé ex Steentoft U 
Lithophyllum irregulare W.Ishijima C 
Lithophyllum irvineanum Woelkerling & S.J.Campbell C 
Lithophyllum johansenii Woelkerling & S.J.Campbell C 
Lithophyllum johnsonii Ishijima P 
Lithophyllum jugatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum kaiseri (Heydrich) Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum kaiseri f. subplicatum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum kenjikonishii Woelkerling, Y.Iryu & D.Bassi C 
Lithophyllum koritzae Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum kotschnyanum f. madagascarense (Heydrich) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum kotschyanum Unger C 
Lithophyllum kotschyanum f. affine (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum kotschyanum f. subplicatum (Foslie) P.C.Silva S 
Lithophyllum kotschyanum var. subreduncum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum kotschyanum Foslie U 
Lithophyllum laeve Strömfelt S 
Lithophyllum laeve Kützing C 
Lithophyllum lamii Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum lenormandii (Areschoug) Rosanoff S 
Lithophyllum lenormandii f. laeve Foslie S 
Lithophyllum leptothalloideum Pilger C 
Lithophyllum lichenare L.R.Mason S 
Lithophyllum lichenoides Philippi S 
Lithophyllum lichenoides (Ellis) Rosanoff ex Hauck S 
Lithophyllum lichenoides f. agariciformis (Pallas) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum lichenoides var. agariciformis (Pallas) Cotton S 
Lithophyllum lichenoides f. antarctica (J.D.Hooker & Harvey) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum lithophylloides f. brachiatum Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum lithophylloides Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum lithophylloides f. phylloides Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum litorale Suneson S 
Lithophyllum lividum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum lobatum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum macrocarpum f. corallinae (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum macrocarpum f. intermedium (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum macrocarpum (Rosanoff) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum macrocarpum f. laminariae (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum macrocarpum f. faroense (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum macrocarpum f. faeroensis (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum madagascarense Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum margaritae (Hariot) Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum marginatum (Setchell & Foslie) Setchell & Foslie S 
Lithophyllum marlothii f. falklandica Foslie S 
Lithophyllum marlothii f. subplicatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum mauritianum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum mediocre f. tasmanica (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum megacrustum J.H.Johnson & B.J.Ferris C 
Lithophyllum megalocystum (Foslie) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum melobesioides P.Crouan & H.Crouan ex Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum mesocarpum f. crinitum (Möbius) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum mgarrense Bosence C 
Lithophyllum mildbraedii Pilger S 
Lithophyllum moluccense (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum moluccense f. torquescens (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum moluccense f. pygmaeum (Heydrich) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum moluccense f. flabelliforme Foslie S 
Lithophyllum moluccense var. geminostratum W.R.Taylor C 
Lithophyllum munitum Foslie & M.Howe S 
Lithophyllum mutabile Me.Lemonie S 
Lithophyllum myriocarpum (Foslie) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum natalense Foslie S 
Lithophyllum neoatalayense Masaki C 
Lithophyllum neocongestum J.J.Hernandez-Kantun, W.H.Adey & P.W.Gabrielson C 
Lithophyllum neofarlowii Setchell & L.R.Mason S 
Lithophyllum nitorum W.H.Adey & P.J.Adey C 
Lithophyllum notarisii (L.Dufour) Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum notarisii f. insidiosum (Solms-Laubach) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum oblimans (Heydrich) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum okamurae Foslie C 
Lithophyllum okamurae f. subplicatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum okamurae f. trincomaliense Foslie S 
Lithophyllum okamurae f. validum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum okamurae f. ptychoides Foslie S 
Lithophyllum okamurae f. japonicum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum okamurae f. contigua Foslie S 
Lithophyllum okamurae f. angulare Foslie U 
Lithophyllum oligocarpum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum onkodes (Heydrich) Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum onkodes f. pachydermum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum onkodes f. funduense (Pilger) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum onkodes f. subramosum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum onkodes f. divia Foslie U 
Lithophyllum orbiculatum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum otsukiensis Ishijima P 
Lithophyllum pachydermum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pachydermum f. nexile Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pallescens (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum papillosum (Zanardini ex Hauck) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum papillosum var. cystosirae (Hauck) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum paradoxum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum parvicellum J.H.Johnson & B.J.Ferris P 
Lithophyllum patena (J.D.Hooker & Harvey) Rosanoff S 
Lithophyllum perulatum (Gümbel) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum peruviense (Heydrich) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pinguiense Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum platyphyllum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum polycarpum Zanardini U 
Lithophyllum polycephalum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum polyclonum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum polyclonum f. flabelligerum Foslie U 
Lithophyllum ponderosum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum praetextum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum prelichenoides Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum premoluccense Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum preprototypum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum proboscideum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum proboscideum var. delicatulum E.Y.Dawson C 
Lithophyllum propinquum (Foslie) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum propinquum var. cocosicum Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum prototypum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum pseudolichenoides Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum pseudoplatyphyllum J.J.Hernandez-Kantun, W.H.Adey & P.W.Gabrielson C 
Lithophyllum ptychoides (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum punctatum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum pustulatum (J.V.Lamouroux) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum var. corallinae (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum var. laminariae Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. intermedium Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. macrocarpum (Rosanoff) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. laminariae (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum var. macrocarpum (Rosanoff) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. ascripticium Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum var. australe Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. simile Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. ascripticia Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. corallinae (P.Crouan & H.Crouan) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum pustulatum f. crinitum (Möbius) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum pygmaeum (Heydrich) Heydrich C 
Lithophyllum quadratum Ishijima P 
Lithophyllum racemus (Lamarck) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum rasile Foslie S 
Lithophyllum reesei E.Y.Dawson C 
Lithophyllum reinboldii Weber-van Bosse & Foslie S 
Lithophyllum retusum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum rhizomae Heydrich S 
Lithophyllum rileyi Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum riosmenae A.S.Harvey & Woelkerling C 
Lithophyllum royoi Miranda U 
Lithophyllum royoi f. tenuis Miranda U 
Lithophyllum rugosum (Foslie) Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum rupestre Foslie S 
Lithophyllum samoënse Foslie S 
Lithophyllum sancti-georgei Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum sandvicense (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum sargassi (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum saxicola Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum schmitzii Hariot S 
Lithophyllum shioense Foslie C 
Lithophyllum sierra-blancae M.Howe C 
Lithophyllum sigi Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum simile Foslie C 
Lithophyllum simplex Me.Lemoine U 
Lithophyllum skottsbergii Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum socotraense Basso, Caragnano, Le Gall & Rodondi C 
Lithophyllum solutum (Foslie) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum sphaeroides Me.Lemoine U 
Lithophyllum stictiforme (Areschoug) Hauck C 
Lithophyllum subantarcticum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum subplicatum (Foslie) Basso, Caragnano, Le Gall & Rodondi C 
Lithophyllum subreduncum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum subtenellum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum symetricum Me.Lemoine U 
Lithophyllum tamiense (Heydrich) Verheij S 
Lithophyllum tarentinum Mastrorilli U 
Lithophyllum tasmanicum (Foslie) Foslie C 
Lithophyllum tedeschii P.Fravega, M.Piazza & G.Vannucci C 
Lithophyllum tenue Kjellman S 
Lithophyllum tenuicrustum J.H.Johnson & B.J.Ferris C 
Lithophyllum tessellatum Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum thikombian J.H.Johnson & B.J.Ferris C 
Lithophyllum torquescens Foslie S 
Lithophyllum tortuosum (Esper) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum tortuosum f. cristatum (Meneghini) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum tortuosum f. crassa (Lloyd) Hauck C 
Lithophyllum tortuosum f. decumbens (Foslie) Foslie U 
Lithophyllum tortuosum subsp. ercegovicii Lovric C 
Lithophyllum trichotomum (Heydrich) Me.Lemoine S 
Lithophyllum trinidadense Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum trochanter (Bory) H.Huvé ex Woelkerling S 
Lithophyllum trochanter (Bory) H.Huvé P 
Lithophyllum tuberculatum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum tumidulum Foslie C 
Lithophyllum tumidulum f. dispar Foslie S 
Lithophyllum tumidum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum uvaria (Michelin) Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum validum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum vancouveriense Foslie S 
Lithophyllum veleroae E.Y.Dawson C 
Lithophyllum verrucosum (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum vickersiae Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum viennotii Me.Lemoine C 
Lithophyllum whidbeyense Foslie S 
Lithophyllum yemenense Basso, Caragnano, Le Gall & Rodondi C 
Lithophyllum yendoi f. siamense Foslie U 
Lithophyllum yendoi (Foslie) Foslie S 
Lithophyllum yendoi f. maheeicum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum yendoi f. malaysicum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum yessoense Foslie C 
Lithophyllum zonatum Foslie S 
Lithophyllum zostericola Foslie S 
Lithophyllum zostericola f. mediocris Foslie S 
Lithophyllum zostericola f. tasmanicum Foslie C 

Basso, D., Caragnano, A. & Rodondi, G. (2014). Trichocytes in Lithophyllum kotschyanum and Lithophyllum spp. (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) from the NW Indian Ocean. Journal of Phycology 50(4): 711-717.

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Some of the descriptions included in AlgaeBase were originally from the unpublished Encyclopedia of Algal Genera, organised in the 1990s by Dr Bruce Parker on behalf of the Phycological Society of America (PSA) and intended to be published in CD format. These AlgaeBase descriptions are now being continually updated, and each current contributor is identified above. The PSA and AlgaeBase warmly acknowledge the generosity of all past and present contributors and particularly the work of Dr Parker.

Descriptions of chrysophyte genera were subsequently published in J. Kristiansen & H.R. Preisig (eds.). 2001. Encyclopedia of Chrysophyte Genera. Bibliotheca Phycologica 110: 1-260.

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