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Acrochaetium Nägeli, 1858

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Biliphyta
Phylum Rhodophyta
Subphylum Eurhodophytina
Class Florideophyceae
Subclass Nemaliophycidae
Order Acrochaetiales
Family Acrochaetiaceae

Lectotype species: Acrochaetium secundatum (Lyngbye) Nägeli

Original publication:Nägeli, C. & Cramer, C. (1858). Die Stärkekörner: Morphologische, physiologische, chemisch-physicalische und systematisch-botanische Monographie. Pflanzenphysiologische Untersuchungen. 2. Heft. pp. [i]-x, [1]-623, pls XI-XXVI. Zürich: bei Fredrich Schultness.
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Type designated in Woelkerling, W.J. (1983). The Audouinella (Acrochaetium-Rhodochorton) complex (Rhodophyta): present perspectives. Phycologia 22: 59-92, 22 figs, 10 tables.

Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as neuter.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Harper, J.T. & Saunders, G.W. (2002). A re-classification of the Acrochaetiales based on molecular and morphological data, and establishment of the Colaconematales, ord. nov.. British Phycological Journal 37: 463-475.

Taxonomic notes
Harper & Saunders (2002) circumscribed this genus for marine species with monosporangia and stellate chloroplasts. - (5 Oct 2010) - M.D. Guiry

Description: Plants uniseriate filamentous, ecorticate, in general of small dimensions, rarely over 5 mm high. Cells with a single centrally located stellate chloroplast and a central pyrenoid, rarely more than one. Species with known life history with markedly heteromorphic generations; gametophytes with unicellular base and 1-6 erect axes, tetrasporophytes with a septately germinated spore and a multicellular filamentous base producing few to many upright axes. Branching of erect axes in both generations irregular, secund or opposite; unicellular hairs sometimes present. Sexual plants monoecious or dioecious. Spermatangia in small clusters. Carpogonia sessile or pedicellate, distinct carpogonial filament absent. Development of carposporophyte direct. Fertilized carpogonium dividing transversely, sometimes remaining undivided. Carposporophytes small, globose, producing few to several terminal carpospores; sterile involucre absent. Tetrasporangia formed in terminal or lateral positions on erect axes and laterals; sporangia cruciately divided. Asexual reproduction by means of monosporangia occurring in both generations, in many species the only form of propagation known. Emended by J.T. Harper & G.W. Saunders (2002: 470). Now comprises marine spp. [Audouinella comprises freshwater spp.]

Information contributed by: H. Stegenga. The most recent alteration to this page was made on 20 Jan 2017 by M.D. Guiry.

Comments: Worldwide, almost exclusively marine, most diversified in temperate areas, especially the North Atlantic. Plants often epiphytic on other algae or marine angiosperms, sometimes epizoic, semi-endophytic or semi-endozoic. See Harper & Saunders (2002: 470).

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Numbers of names and species: There are 331 species (and infraspecific) names in the database at present, of which 171 have been flagged as currently accepted taxonomically.

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Acrochaetium acanthophora Aziz C 
Acrochaetium actinocladum I.A.Abbott C 
Acrochaetium affine M.Howe & Hoyt C 
Acrochaetium agardhiellae A.B.Joly & Cordeiro C 
Acrochaetium alacranense Aziz C 
Acrochaetium alariae (Jónsson) Bornet C 
Acrochaetium alcyonidiae C.C.Jao P 
Acrochaetium alcyonidiae var. cylindricum C.C.Jao P 
Acrochaetium alcyonidii C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium alcyonidii var. cylindricum C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium amahatanum S.Kumano C 
Acrochaetium americana (C.-C.Jao) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium americanum (C.-C.Jao) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium amphiroae (K.M.Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium angustum (K.M.Drew) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium antillarum W.R.Taylor C 
Acrochaetium arcuatum (K.M.Drew) C.K.Tseng C 
Acrochaetium armoricanum Feldmann C 
Acrochaetium arnoldii Weber-van Bosse C 
Acrochaetium ascidiophilum E.Y.Dawson S 
Acrochaetium asparagopsis (Chemin) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium attenuatum (Rosenvinge) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium avrainvilleae Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium bahreinii Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium balliae (Stegenga) Stegenga, Bolton & R.J.Anderson C 
Acrochaetium balticum (Rosenvinge) Aleem & Schulz C 
Acrochaetium barbadense (Vickers) Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium battersianum Hamel C 
Acrochaetium bengalicum A.K.Islam & A.Aziz C 
Acrochaetium bisporum (Børgesen) Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium blomquistii Aziz C 
Acrochaetium boergesenii Schiffner C 
Acrochaetium boergesenii S.P.Singh, R.K.Tiwari, & D.C.Pandey S 
Acrochaetium bonnemaisoniae (Batters) Feldmann & G.Feldmann S 
Acrochaetium bornetii Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium botryocarpum (Harvey) J.Agardh S 
Acrochaetium brebneri (Batters) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium bulbosa Hamel C 
Acrochaetium bulbosum Hamel P 
Acrochaetium byssaceum (Kützing) Nägeli C 
Acrochaetium caesareae Feldmann C 
Acrochaetium caespitiforme Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium caespitosum (J.Agardh) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium callopodum (Rosenvinge) Hamel P 
Acrochaetium canariense Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium candelabrum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium catenulatum M.Howe C 
Acrochaetium chaetomorphae (Tanaka & Pham-Hoàng Hô) Heerebout C 
Acrochaetium champiae P.Anand C 
Acrochaetium cheminii Feldmann U 
Acrochaetium chnoosporae Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium chondriae Aziz C 
Acrochaetium chylocladiae f. hypoglossi Miranda S 
Acrochaetium chylocladiae f. pulchrum Batters S 
Acrochaetium chylocladiae (Batters) Batters S 
Acrochaetium cladestinum (Mont.) Howe P 
Acrochaetium clandestinum (Montagne) M.Howe C 
Acrochaetium coccineum (K.M.Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium codicola Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium codii Hamel S 
Acrochaetium colaconemoides Pham-Hoàng Hô C 
Acrochaetium collinsianum Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium collopodum (Rosenvinge) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium compactum C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium comptum Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium concave Okamura S 
Acrochaetium concavum (F.Schmitz & Heydrich) Setchell & Gardner C 
Acrochaetium corymbiferum (Thuret) Batters C 
Acrochaetium crassipes (Børgesen) Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium crassipes var. longisetum Børgesen U 
Acrochaetium crassipes var. typicum Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium curtum Baardseth C 
Acrochaetium cymopoliae Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium cytophagum (Rosenvinge) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium dasyae Collins S 
Acrochaetium daviesii (Dillwyn) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium delisea Aziz C 
Acrochaetium densum (K.M.Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium desmarestiae Kylin S 
Acrochaetium dictyopteridis Hamel & Hamel-Joukov U 
Acrochaetium dictyotae Collins S 
Acrochaetium discoideum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium distichosporum Dawson, Acleto & Foldvik C 
Acrochaetium domerguei Hamel & Hamel-Joukov U 
Acrochaetium dotyi I.A.Abbott C 
Acrochaetium doumerquei Hamel & Hamel-Joukov C 
Acrochaetium drewiae Baardseth C 
Acrochaetium duboscqii Feldmann C 
Acrochaetium dufourii Collins S 
Acrochaetium dufourii Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium dumontiae (Rosenvinge) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium dwarkense Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium eastwoodiae (Setchell & N.L.Gardner) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium efflorescens (J.Agardh) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium effusum Levring C 
Acrochaetium elegans (K.M.Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium emergens (Rosenvinge) Weber-van Bosse S 
Acrochaetium endophyticum Batters S 
Acrochaetium endophyticum var. tristansense Baardseth C 
Acrochaetium endophyticum var. tristanense Baardseth P 
Acrochaetium endozoicum (Darbishire) Batters C 
Acrochaetium entophyticum Batters C 
Acrochaetium epispiculum A.B.Joly & Cordeiro C 
Acrochaetium epizooicum A.A.Aleem C 
Acrochaetium erectum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium ernothrix Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium erythrophyllum C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium extensum Ercegovic C 
Acrochaetium extensum var. longicellulare Ercegovic S 
Acrochaetium fernandezianum (Levring) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium flexuosum Vickers C 
Acrochaetium fuegiense Kylin C 
Acrochaetium galaxaurae Aziz C 
Acrochaetium globosum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium godwardense R.J.Patel S 
Acrochaetium gracile Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium gracile var. vietnamense Pham Hoang Ho C 
Acrochaetium grande (Levring) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium grateloupiae E.Y.Dawson C 
Acrochaetium griffithsianum Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium gymnogongri (K.M.Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium gynandrum (Rosenvinge) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium hallandicum (Kylin) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium hallandicum f. armoricum Hamel S 
Acrochaetium hallandicum f. parvulum (Kylin) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium hamelii Feldmann C 
Acrochaetium hancockii (E.Y.Dawson) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium hauckii Schiffner S 
Acrochaetium hirsutum (K.M.Drew) P.W.Gabrielson S 
Acrochaetium hlulekaense Stegenga C 
Acrochaetium homorhizum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium hormorhizum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium howei (Yamada) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium hoytii Collins C 
Acrochaetium humile (Rosenvinge) Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium hummii Aziz C 
Acrochaetium hyalosiphoniae (Nakamura) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium hypneae (Børgesen) Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium imitator I.A.Abbott C 
Acrochaetium immersum (Rosenvinge) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium immersum f. polysiphoniae Rosenvinge C 
Acrochaetium implicatum (Drew) Aziz S 
Acrochaetium inclusum (Levring) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium incrassatum Ercegovic C 
Acrochaetium indica S.K.S.Raikwar S 
Acrochaetium indicum Raikwar P 
Acrochaetium infestans M.Howe & Hoyt S 
Acrochaetium inkyui Y.-P.Lee C 
Acrochaetium intermedium C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium interpositum (Heydrich) Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium irregulare (Reinsch) comb. ined. C 
Acrochaetium islamii Aziz C 
Acrochaetium iyengarii Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium jamaicense V.J.Chapman C 
Acrochaetium japonicum Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium jonsonii Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium jonssonii Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium keralayense L.Jose & R.J.Patel S 
Acrochaetium krusadii Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium kuckuckianum Hamel C 
Acrochaetium kurilense (Nagai) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium kurogii (Y.P.Lee & Lindstrom) Y.P.Lee & I.K.Lee C 
Acrochaetium kylinii Hamel C 
Acrochaetium kylinioides Feldmann C 
Acrochaetium laminariae Feldmann U 
Acrochaetium lanuginosum (Dillwyn) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium lauterbachii (F.Schmitz & Heydrich) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium laxum I.A.Abbott C 
Acrochaetium lenormandii (Suhr ex Kützing) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium leptonema (Rosenvinge) Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium leptonemoides Levring C 
Acrochaetium levringii Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium liagorae Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium liagorae (Weber-van Bosse) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium liagoraefilum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium liagoroides Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium lorrain-smithiae (Lyle) L.Newton C 
Acrochaetium luxurians (J.Agardh ex Kützing) Nägeli C 
Acrochaetium luxurians f. secundatum (Lyngbye) Thuret S 
Acrochaetium macounii (Collins) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium macropoda P.J.L.Dangeard C 
Acrochaetium macropus Kylin C 
Acrochaetium macula (Rosenvinge) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium madinae Hamel & Hamel-Joukov C 
Acrochaetium madininae Hamel & Hamel-Joukov U 
Acrochaetium magnificum (Drew) Papenfuss P 
Acrochaetium mahumetanum Hamel C 
Acrochaetium mahumetanum f. parvulum Hamel S 
Acrochaetium maluinum Hamel U 
Acrochaetium manorense P.Anand C 
Acrochaetium mauritianum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium mediterraneum (Levring) Athanasiadis C 
Acrochaetium microfilum C.-C.Jao C 
Acrochaetium microfilum Levring S 
Acrochaetium microscopicum (Nägeli ex Kützing) Nägeli C 
Acrochaetium microscopicum var. collopoda (Rosenvinge) Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium microscopicum var. densum Schiffner S 
Acrochaetium minimum Collins S 
Acrochaetium minutissimum Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium minutissimum (Zanardini) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium minutum (Suhr) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium mirabile (Suhr) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium molinieri Coppejans & Boudouresque C 
Acrochaetium molle (Pilger) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium moniliforme (Rosenvinge) Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium moniliforme var. mesogloiae C.-C.Jao C 
Acrochaetium multisporum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium naumannii (Askenasy) Askenasy S 
Acrochaetium nemalii (De Notaris ex L.Dufour) Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium neozeelandicum Levring S 
Acrochaetium netrocarpum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium nitidulum I.A.Abbott C 
Acrochaetium nitophyllii (Levring) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium nurulislamii A.Aziz & S.Islam C 
Acrochaetium obscurum (Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium occidentale Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium occidentale var. caespitosum Borgesen S 
Acrochaetium opetigenum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium ophioglossum (Schneider) Ballantine & Aponte S 
Acrochaetium pacificum Kylin C 
Acrochaetium pallens (Zanardini) Nägeli C 
Acrochaetium papenfussii I.A.Abbott C 
Acrochaetium parvulum (Kylin) Hoyt C 
Acrochaetium pectinatum (Kylin) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium penetrale (Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium penetrans (Levring) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium phacelorhizum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium phuquocense Pham Hoàng H? P 
Acrochaetium phuquocensis Pham-Hoàng Hô C 
Acrochaetium plumosum (K.M.Drew) G.M.Smith C 
Acrochaetium polyblastum (Rosenvinge) Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium polyidis (Rosenvinge) Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium polyrhizum (Harvey) J.Agardh S 
Acrochaetium polysporum M.Howe C 
Acrochaetium porphyrae (K.M.Drew) G.M.Smith S 
Acrochaetium posidoniae (Zanardini) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium proskaueri J.A.West S 
Acrochaetium pseudoerectum Pham-Hoàng Hô C 
Acrochaetium pubes (Agardh) Nägeli P 
Acrochaetium pubes (C.Agardh) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium pulchellum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium pulvereum Nägeli U 
Acrochaetium pulvinatum Levring C 
Acrochaetium punctatum E.Y.Dawson S 
Acrochaetium pusillum Feldmann U 
Acrochaetium pygmaeum (Kützing) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium radians Hamel C 
Acrochaetium radiatum C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium radicans (Harvey) J.Agardh S 
Acrochaetium radicans (Harvey) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium ralfsiae Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium reductum (Rosenvinge) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium reniforme Aziz C 
Acrochaetium repens Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium reticulatum (Batters) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium rhipidandrum (Rosenvinge) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium rhipidandrum f. oppositum Hamel S 
Acrochaetium rhipidandrum f. oppositum Hamel P 
Acrochaetium rhizoideum (K.M.Drew) C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium rhizoideum var. patens (Drew) Smith C 
Acrochaetium robustum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium rongelapense I.A.Abbott C 
Acrochaetium roseolum (Crouan) Nägeli C 
Acrochaetium rosulatum (Rosenvinge) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium ryukyuense (Nakamura) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium sagraeanum (Montagne) Bornet C 
Acrochaetium sanctae-mariae (Darbishire) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium sancti-thomae Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium sargassi Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium sargassicaulinum Noda C 
Acrochaetium sargassicola Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium sarmae M.Khan S 
Acrochaetium savianum (Meneghini) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium scapae (Lyle) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium scinaiae E.Y.Dawson S 
Acrochaetium secundatum (Lyngbye) Nägeli C - type
Acrochaetium seiriolanum (Harvey-Gibson) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium seriasporum (E.Y.Dawson) J.N.Norris C 
Acrochaetium seriatum Børgesen S 
Acrochaetium sertulariae Jaasund C 
Acrochaetium sessile (Nakamura) Y.-P.Lee C 
Acrochaetium simplex (K.M.Drew) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium sinaiae E.Y.Dawson S 
Acrochaetium sinicola (E.Y.Dawson) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium sparsum (Harvey) Nägeli C 
Acrochaetium spathoglossi Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium spermatochni J.Feldmann C 
Acrochaetium spiculiphilum E.Y.Dawson S 
Acrochaetium spinulosum (Suhr) Nägeli S 
Acrochaetium spongicola Weber-van Bosse C 
Acrochaetium stilophorae (Levring) Kylin C 
Acrochaetium streblocladiae P.J.L.Dangeard S 
Acrochaetium strictum (Rosenvinge) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium stypopodiae Aziz C 
Acrochaetium subimmersum (Setchell & N.L.Gardner) Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium subpinnatum Bornet ex Hamel C 
Acrochaetium subreductum Levring S 
Acrochaetium subseriatum Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium subseriatum C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium subsimplex Levring C 
Acrochaetium subtilissimum (Kützing) Hamel C 
Acrochaetium tenuissimum (Collins) Papenfuss C 
Acrochaetium terminale (Nakamura) Y.-P.Lee C 
Acrochaetium thuretii (Bornet) Collins & Hervey S 
Acrochaetium thuretii var. agamum (Rosenvinge) Dawson P 
Acrochaetium toyamaense Noda & Honda S 
Acrochaetium trichogloeae Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium trifilum (Buffham) Batters C 
Acrochaetium trifilum var. schiffneri Hamel C 
Acrochaetium tuticorinense Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium unifilum C.-C.Jao C 
Acrochaetium unifilum Levring S 
Acrochaetium unilaterale (Kjellman) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium unipes Børgesen C 
Acrochaetium vagum (K.M.Drew) C.-C.Jao S 
Acrochaetium vanbosseae Papenfuss S 
Acrochaetium variabile (K.M.Drew) G.M.Smith S 
Acrochaetium villiforme Levring S 
Acrochaetium vinculoides (Heydrich) Okamura C 
Acrochaetium virgatulum (Harvey) Batters S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum var. tetricum (Rosenvinge) Celan S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum f. luxurians (J.Agardh ex Kützing) Collins S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum f. tetricum (Rosenvinge) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum var. crassitrichum Verlaque, Boudouresque, Meinesz, Giraud & Marcot-Coqueugniot S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum var. luxurians (J.Agardh ex Kützing) Authority unknown S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum f. secundatum (Lyngbye) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum f. tenuissima (Collins) Collins S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum f. secundata (Lyngbye) Hamel S 
Acrochaetium virgatulum f. tenuissimum (Collins) Collins P 
Acrochaetium yamadae (Garbary) Y.Lee & I.K.Lee S 
Acrochaetium zosterae Papenfuss S 

Harper, J.T. & Saunders, G.W. (2002). A re-classification of the Acrochaetiales based on molecular and morphological data, and establishment of the Colaconematales, ord. nov.. British Phycological Journal 37: 463-475.

Wynne, M.J. & Schneider, C.W. (2010). Addendum to the synoptic review of red algal genera. Botanica Marina 53: 291-299.

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