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Padina Adanson, 1763, nom. cons.

Empire Eukaryota
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Ochrophyta
Class Phaeophyceae
Subclass Dictyotophycidae
Order Dictyotales
Family Dictyotaceae
Tribe Zonarieae

Holotype species: Padina pavonica (Linnaeus) Thivy

Original publication and holotype designation: Adanson, M. (1763). Familles des plantes. II. Partie [Vol. 2]. pp. [1-24], [i-iii], [1]-640. Paris: Chez Vincent, Imprimeur-Librarie de Mgr le Comte de Provence, rue S. Servin.
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Taxonomic status: currently recognized as a distinct genus.

Gender: This genus name is currently treated as feminine.

Most recent taxonomic treatment adopted: Silberfeld, T., Rousseau, F. & Reviers, B. de (2014). An updated classification of brown algae (Ochrophyta, Phaeophyceae). Cryptogamie Algologie 35(2): 117-156.

Description: Thalli erect or prostrate, attached by a rhizoidal holdfast, up to 20 cm long, complanate, flabellate or becoming lacerate often to the base, segments 1-5cm broad, calcified on one or both surfaces. Growth initiated by an entire marginal row of apical cells in an involute apical fold, directed towards the upper (=inner) thallus surface. Thallus 2-8 cells thick. Whitish hairs in concentric lines on one of both thallus surfaces. Outermost layer of cortical cells with many discoid chloroplasts. Sporangial sori forming concentric rows or isolated patches between the hair lines on one or both thallus surfaces, indusium present or absent. Sporangia ovoid to pyriform, 80-170 mm high when mature, producing 4 spores. Gametophytes usually dioecious, or monoecious in some species. Oogonial sori in concentric rows. Oogonia arranged in rows in sorus. Antheridial sori whitish, in concentric rows or in isolated patches, partially embedded in the thallus, with many tiers of locules. Padina species are delimited by the number of cell layers, the arrangement of sporangial sori in relation to concentric hair bands, presence/absence of hair bands on the lower thallus surface and the presence/absence of an indusium over sporangial sori. Critical re-evaluation may reduce the number of species recognized. Widely distributed in tropical to temperate seas.

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Names: ('C' indicates a name that is accepted taxonomically; 'S' a homotypic or heterotypic synonym; 'U' indicates a name of uncertain taxonomic status, but which has been subjected to some verification nomenclaturally; 'P' indicates a preliminary AlgaeBase entry that has not been subjected to any kind of verification. For more information on a species click on it to activate a link to the Species database):

Padina afaqhusainii Aisha & Shameel C 
Padina antillarum (Kützing) Piccone C 
Padina arborescens Holmes C 
Padina australis Hauck C 
Padina boergesenii Allender & Kraft C 
Padina boryana Thivy C 
Padina calcarea Ni-Ni-Win, S.G.A.Draisma, W.F.Prud'homme van Reine & H.Kawai C 
Padina caulescens Thivy C 
Padina commersonii Bory S 
Padina concrescens Thivy C 
Padina condominium Kraft C 
Padina crassa Yamada S 
Padina crispata Thivy C 
Padina distromatica Hauck C 
Padina ditristromatica Ni-Ni-Win & H.Kawai C 
Padina dubia Hauck C 
Padina durvillei Bory Saint-Vincent C 
Padina elegans Koh ex Womersley C 
Padina fasciata Ni-Ni-Win, M.Uchimura & H.Kawai C 
Padina fernandeziana Skottsberg & Levring C 
Padina fraseri (Greville) Greville C 
Padina glabra Gaillard C 
Padina gymnospora (Kützing) Sonder C 
Padina haitiensis Thivy C 
Padina ishigakiensis Ni-Ni-Win, S.Arai, M.Uchimura & H.Kawai C 
Padina japonica Yamada C 
Padina jonesii Tsuda C 
Padina macrophylla Ni-Ni-Win, M.Uchimura & H.Kawai C 
Padina maroensis Ni-Ni-Win, I.A.Abbott & H.Kawai C 
Padina melemele I.A.Abbott & Magruder C 
Padina mexicana E.Y.Dawson C 
Padina minor Yamada C 
Padina moffittiana Abbott & Huisman C 
Padina nizamuddinii Aisha & M.Shameel C 
Padina okinawaensis Ni-Ni-Win, S.Arai & H.Kawai C 
Padina omphalodes Montagne S 
Padina pavonia (Linnaeus) J.V.Lamouroux S 
Padina pavonica (Linnaeus) Thivy C - type
Padina pavonicoides Ni-Ni-Win & H.Kawai C 
Padina perindusiata Thivy C 
Padina plumbea (Areschoug) Levring C 
Padina profunda S.A.Earle C 
Padina ramonribae Avila-Ortíz, Pedroche & Díaz-Martínez C 
Padina reptans P.Crouan & H.Crouan S 
Padina ryukyuana Y.P.Lee & Kamura C 
Padina sanctae-crucis Børgesen C 
Padina somalensis Hauck C 
Padina stipitata Tanaka & Nozawa C 
Padina sulcata Ni-Ni-Win, S.G.A.Draisma & H.Kawai C 
Padina tenuis Bory S 
Padina terricolor Ni-Ni-Win, M.Uchimura & H.Kawai C 
Padina tetrastromatica Hauck C 
Padina thivyae Doty & Newhouse C 
Padina tristromatica Levring C 
Padina undulata Ni-Ni-Win, S.Arai & H.Kawai C 
Padina usoehtunii Ni-Ni-Win & H.Kawai C 
Padina vickersiae Hoyt S 
Padina xishaensis C.K.Tseng & Lu Baoren C 
Padina zonata Gaillon C 

Ni-Ni-Win, Hanyuda, T., Arai, S., Uchimura, M., Prathep, A., Draisma, S.G.A., Phang, S.M., Abbott, I.A., Millar, A.J.K. & Kawai, H. (2011). A taxonomic study of the genus Padina (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) including the description of four new species from Japan, Hawaii, and the Andaman Sea. Journal of Phycology 47(5): 1193-1209.

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