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Plurilocular sporangium (sporangia) in brown algae (Phaeophyta), a multicelled sporangia born on diploid plants and producing flagellated zoospores, which on release develop into diploid plants; a morphologically equivalent organ born on haploid thalli is also called (incorrectly) a plurilocular sporangium, but it is in fact a gametangium producing biflagellate gametes (based upon the Latin, plus (more) & loculus (little place); cf. mltilocular sporangkium & unilocular sporangium)
Uniseriate plurilocular sporangium (sporangia) a brown algal plurilocular sporangia having a single column of cells or loculi (cf. multiseriate plurilocular sporangia)

2 Found - Displaying 1 through 2

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